4 Solutions to Getting Rid of Anxiety and Depression

4 Solutions to Getting Rid of Anxiety and Depression

If you had the choice to free yourself from depression and / or a state of anxiety would you make the commitment?

I have been dealing with both extreme anxiety and major depression for as long as I can remember. Fortunately, I have began to find solutions to my constant mental and emotional stress. By no means am I saying I am cured, that I will never experience anxiety or depression again, but, I did make some big changes to lessen the intesity and frequency of these mental states. Over the course of my "overcoming", I have taken note of each solution that got me from wishing I were dead to loving the life I live and feeling like a never ending blossoming flower.

As we both know, anxiety and depression can be very serious and difficult to treat. I am here to tell you today, that it can be done. There is absolute hope for you!

Solution #1:

Remove yourself from toxic people, thoughts, and/ or environments... like, NOW. Don’t wait for a “better time”. 

Are you a people pleaser? Naturally, I am. I used to have a hard time saying ‘no’ to things I didn’t particularly enjoy. For example, I couldn’t say no to associating with people who in the past, I didn’t particularly enjoy being with due to the trouble we would get into together. I feared what these people would think about me if I pulled away from the group. Would they talk bad about me? Would they get people to go against me? In a sense, I felt “locked in” with them. We would use each other, manipulate one another, and ultimately, we didn’t have each other’s best interest in mind... they were just someone to keep around only if we needed something (usually something completely toxic and unnecessary) from one another.

If you can relate, remove yourself from these relationships. You may risk being talked bad about, you might feel guilty, but, think about how much wasted time and energy you have spent associating with these people... They might not be bad people, but they are not aligning with your overall goals and vision for yourself. 

Maybe there is an environment, like your job for instance that you aren’t happy with. You go to work and dread every minute. Then, you go home and the stress from work follows you. Each time you are in this environment, you feel anxious and uneasy. Do you have the choice to leave? Is there another job or environment you could find that might make you happier? Obviously, getting another job and starting over isn’t ideal but when it comes down to protecting you inner peace, it may be well worth the temporary struggle.

What are you feeding your mind with? Do you often find yourself comparing yourself to others? Are you watching or listening to degrading, immoral things? What you feed your mind with typically becomes your thoughts... it is crucial to feed your mind with love, peace, truth and light like positive uplifting music, motivational messages, and encouraging things on the media. 

Solution #2:

Accept what has happened and have faith for your future, because you have a very bright future! (not to sound corny, it's just true!)

What you are going through mentally and emotionally is valid- don’t try and convince yourself otherwise. If you are not happy with how life is going, that is okay, you are not alone, many people are right there with you! However, what part of your struggles can you control and which can you not?

Let’s say you just got dumped by your significant other. Obviously, you can’t control their decision. What you can control is how you respond to this sudden shift in your life. Naturally, you might want to lay in bed all day and eat your feelings away, listen to sad, depressing love songs, and dwell in what “could have been”. Everyone needs some time for grieving and processing, yes, but you can’t let your self care and overall well being slip away (as hard as it may be). In hard times like these, it is important to accept what has happened (as quick as possible) and remind yourself that you are strong, you are capable of moving forward, and you are worthy of all things good.

Let go and let God do His work. We can’t always control everything but we can make the choice to have faith in the amazing things God has promised for our lives. Keep looking to the bright future ahead! The past is dead.


Solution #3:

You only have one body, one mind, and one life- take care of yourself!

What makes your heart dance and your soul sing? Whatever it is, do those things and pursue them with all your might.

Sometimes life gets chaotic. In these times, it’s easy to lower your standards of self care and/ or not make time to do the very things you are passionate about.

I notice that when my life gets stirred up, I start eating junk, stop doing the things I enjoy, stop praying, I begin to feel discontent inside, and so on. When this happens, I know my self care is slipping and I’m headed into a depression or state of anxiety. I have to make the choice as soon as I wake up each morning to chose to take care of myself, protect and better my mind and spirit, and do the things that make me happy. 


Solution #4:

Get brutally honest with yourself and others.

I used to hide in so much shame and guilt that I would lie about nearly everything to make myself seem like I was doing better both internally and externally than how I really was. When I would lie, I would get paranoid over the possibility of being found out. When my lies were found out, I was worried about the consequences and lack of trust people had in me / their thoughts about me. All in all, I was constantly paranoid of my truths being revealed and in turn, I paved myself a solid foundation for anxiety attacks to arise.

I had to take a good, thorough look at why I was lying in the first place. Like I said, I was filled with shame and guilt and as soon as I could identify that, I began to work on ridding myself from those underlying issues by speaking my truths with others, journaling, and continuous self- discovery.

You deserve to feel proud of yourself. When you are hiding from your truths, you are only failing yourself and keeping yourself down when you were born to shine. Embrace your truths, tell your story- no more secrets. Like they say, "secrets keep you sick". 


Please note that the process of freeing yourself from the chains of depression and/ or anxiety is not an overnight thing, so if you find yourself discouraged from "not being there yet" after one day of giving your all, please understand that it takes time and patience. It truly can be done if you make the commitment. If you continue to make the leaps of faith, I firmly believe you will feel empowered and motivated to keep trudging the road to happy destinies.