Hey guys, welcome to the fitness portion of my journey!

A little bit about my story and fitness…

I played sports for the majority of my life. I definitely never started out as a ‘good’ athlete but I sure as heck had a fire lit under me and great determination to be considered good. Truthfully, I started out as a bench player for a hot minute on all of my athletic teams growing up.

I remember feeling so insecure and embarrassed that my teammates would be on the field or court and I was the one just watching them. Mind you, I did see the value of cheering them on but I’m sorry, I didn’t sign up to be a cheerleader. I literally cringed hearing them talk about how awesome it was to play and I wanted a part in it so bad that I just said enough is enough and I got to work. I started to practice before practice, practice after games… I would even go outside my house and bump volleyballs to myself or work on my foot control with a soccer ball. In the grocery stores I would jump to touch every hanging sign from the ceiling and would hit the gym with my mom who was at the time training for a competition. It didn’t take long before I took the field and court and made it ‘mine’. I went from simply just wanting to get my butt off the bench and play to aspiring to be the best. Most people would call me too competitive but when I want something, I will do anything to get it even if it takes time, even if I fail along the way.

Later on, I ended up getting asked to play for a number of college volleyball teams and ended up choosing one of my liking. I played for about a season and a half total before I one, couldn’t play anymore due to blowing out my knee, and two, because I was wrestling untreated PTSD in which took a turn for the worse and ended my volleyball career. Shortly after this heartbreak, I chose to continue on with my fitness journey but this time through weightlifting instead of team sports- something I have always had a strong passion for. I have been lifting for four years total and each year, I learn more and more about myself and where I want to take it from here which ultimately is to compete in the very near future and help others reach their goals and dreams.

Fitness has always been a part of me- whether it’s being active indoors, outdoors, weightlifting, playing sports- you name it, I LOVE it. It has also always been a strong stress reliever and a completely healthy coping mechanism while dealing with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Fitness will forever be something that I lean on (along with God of course) to boost my spirit and mind.

One of my many dreams is to help people like myself who want to live and maintain healthy and active lifestyles- not to just look good, but more importantly feel good!

Let me help you!

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