Ixchelle LowelL


My name is Ixchelle (pronounced eeshell) and welcome to my very first blog.... 

I am really excited to share all that I know about my passion for fitness, mental health, and living life to the fullest after living in a dark cloud for the majority of my life. Having been a victim of child abuse, bullied at school, getting into addiction and other troubles, along with having struggled (but currently managing) mental health conditions, it is in my hopes that this blog will inspire and educate people through my truths. Writing has also always been a very therapeutic tool for myself to cope, process, and reflect. 

I live for the things that set my soul on fire like waking up to my beautiful daughter who has helped change my entire outlook on life, serving others, praising our good God and connecting with others on a deep and personal level.

In this blog I will be posting topics on fitness, mental health, lifestyle, and spirituality. I really hope that you enjoy following my posts, and that I can be of help to you in some way or another. 

I would appreciate your feedback on my blog and/ or share with me your experiences, strength, and wisdom. All comments and feedback is appreciated.